My talented friends 001: Kitty Moran

I’m blessed with good -no, great – people in my life. And as well as being lovely and special, many of them are incredibly talented. So, in the spirit of pushing good juju out into the world, I’ve decided to embark on an occasional series of posts extolling their virtues and hopefully spreading the word about their fascinating projects.

So, let me tell you about the wonderful Kitty Moran…

Kitty Moran - not just talented but gorgeous, too.

Kitty has written a movie. It’s called Boobs in Blood, and Kitty describes it as, “a feisty , funny, femme fatale of a horror movie.

I have no doubts whatsoever that it will be an absolute corker – Kitty’s one of those diligent and quietly ambitious people who throws herself wholeheartedly into her projects: in order to get this one off the ground she’s launched an online funding campaign to raise the money to get her movie made.

Kitty’s already written and published a beautiful children’s book and has a knack of actually doing things instead of just talking about them.

So, what’s Boobs in Blood all about, then? It’s set in an abandoned lunatic asylum, where a motley gaggle of geeks, goths, gays and accountants (!) find themselves trapped at the mercy of dark forces, in a narrative which actively sets out to challenge the traditional archetypes expected of the horror genre. As Kitty explains in her funding pitch,

“The film started out as a joke between friends, a response to yet another horror movie poster that featured a virginal brunette in her pants, being coyly lurid, my friend and I said “they should call it Boobs in Blood, it would be more honest”. We then started to list all the things that irritated us about modern horror; the torture porn, the weak female characters, the absence of positive LGBT characters or even anyone alternative, the lack of heart and wit.”


“This film won’t be about hypersexualised teenagers running and shrieking, but rather about a diverse group of individuals battling against almost impossible odds, the little people versus the big bad. A parable for modern times.”

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Kitty’s pulled together a team of film-making talent who are all giving their services for free, drawing from members of SkillSet Cymru, the Royal Welsh college of Music and Drama, and Disabled Arts Cymru.

I’m incredibly excited about this: I’ve got a friend who makes movies! In fact I’m thinking hard about what skills I can offer to get involved. Maybe I could make tea or hold people’s jumpers or something.

I’ve already made my donation, because really, in these times of drastic cuts to public arts funding, that’s the least I can do, and I’ll carry on pimping Boobs in Blood right here, because in a world where too many trashy formulaic films get green-lighted by the studios, an independent, genre-challenging and female-fronted (no pun on the boobs intended, honest!) movie feels like a good cause to champion.


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