I’ve been following my resolution and jotting down ideas on the back of the 3×5 index cards I use for my daily to-do lists, but somehow nothing has bubbled up out of my subconscious that’s inspired me to write about it. I have some good plans for future posts but I feel the need to do more reading, and to enjoy the research process before I work out what it is I actually want to say.

Suffice to say it revolves around intellectual questions like whether or not Balenciaga handbags have a place in my life…

Anyway, one of the tasks on the day before yesterday’s card said ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and it took me a while to remember what on earth it was about, eventually seizing on the notion that I’d planned to update the writing page here with a charming Sherlock Holmes pastiche I wrote a few years ago.

If you like mysteries, feminism, hallucinogenic substances and conspiracy theories then you may well enjoy it!

  • You can read Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Muses here…
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