I hereby resolve…

You know, I’ve had every good intention of writing about my New Year’s resolutions.

We’ll ignore the fact that one of them was to write and blog more often and concentrate instead on the reality of my new year so far which has mostly revolved around an evil viral infection that’s taken up residence in my respiratory system.

Anyway – better late than never. Here goes:

  • Visit the beach at least once a week. It really is criminal that I live so close to the sea but never seem to spend enough time enjoying it. The smell of ozone, the sound of the waves – all these things are good for me, and free.
  • Wear more colour. This is actually one of last year’s resolutions which I’m recycling, because it was effective. I have bought more non-black things over the past year, but I still end up taking black as the easy option. I do quite fancy having my colours done, but there’s always the terrifying possibility that I might discover that I should be wearing oyster or taupe or mauve, which would distress me horribly. What I really fancy is a pair of amazing red shoes!
  • Do something with the novel. I wrote a good two-thirds of the novel last year. Most of it happened during NaNoWriMo, and all of it came as a complete surprise, seeing as I’d started believing all the negative self-talk and practically convinced myself I would never write again. Anyway, I need to print it out and read it and then  start moulding it into a more robust shape. Oh, and finish it, too.
  • Make a poetry book. I’ve been wanting to do this on Lulu or Blurb for ages. I want to make something tangible and special to give to people close to me at Christmas. Of course, this means I will have to write some more poems, so this is in fact a resolution within a resolution.
  • Grow three friendships. I think I have enough room in my heart and space in my life to share with more people. I am actively scouting for my new friends right now. Until recently this kind of thing would have terrified me – and also probably earned my scorn – but no more! Now, I’m incredibly excited about meeting new people and strengthening old alliances and I’m not sure I have much to lose.
  • Cook a new recipe every week. I can cook, and I love cooking, but I want to extend my repertoire beyond my staple Italian- and Mexican-based recipes.
  • Catch my ideas. I have good ideas all the time. I have brainwaves and flashes of inspiration daily, but I have a bad habit of not writing them down for further action. I’ve been reading Mind Performance Hacks and picking up some good ideas about how to do this.
  • Meditate. One of the best books I read last year was The Mindful Manifesto. I only picked it up to take advantage of a 3 for 2 offer, but was quickly hooked. I downloaded the mindfulness meditation mp3s that accompany the book, and I’m enjoying using them. I’m taking baby steps onto the path, but already I’m understanding the value of what I’m doing.
  • Record my achievements. I’m planning to review my resolutions here monthly. EDIT – I’ve signed up to the Happiness Project Toolbox to keep track of how well I do!

Did you make any resolutions, or set yourself any goals or challenges for the new year?

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