Reverb10 – Dec 05 – Let Go

a peaceful house in Ireland

Image by OlivIreland via Flickr

December 5 – Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

(Author: Alice Bradley)

I don’t let go of things easily. If you believe in astrology – both Western and Chinese – then you’ll know that for some like me, who’s an Aries Dog, letting go doesn’t come naturally. Like a dog with a well-loved bone, once something’s grasped between my teeth there’s not much danger of me relinquishing it. Of course, this means that my head ends up full of things that don’t need to be there any more, and I waste precious energy on situations beyond my sphere of influence; so this year I decided to make a conscious effort to let go of trying to be in control.

It wasn’t easy at first, mostly because it had become habitual, almost instinctive, over the years: I wanted to control my son’s behaviour, I wanted to control the way my partner shared the household tasks. I spent an awful lot of time being cross that they weren’t behaving the way I wanted them to, and feeling hard done by. I thought I needed to be that way to stay on top of having a happy home, and I was wrong. It was all an illusion. I wasn’t in control or contributing to domestic bliss in any way – I was just making myself miserable. I suspect my family may have felt the same way. I let go, and instead just let life happen in whatever good, bad or ugly way it chooses to unfold. I stopped worrying about what they did, and looked instead at myself. And you know what? It’s easier and it’s less stressful. Things tick along at their own pace, and I have more time and energy to devote to the things I want to do.

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