Planet Poetika!


The Planet Poetika Robot - Nick Abadzis


Well, last Wednesday saw me returning to performance poetry at Aberystwyth Arts Centre as a member of the PLANET POETIKA! team. Mark Atkinson, the organiser, contacted me months ago, and at the time I blithely agreed. I had a wonderfully enthusiastic plan which involved me writing for a month and then spending another month learning everything off-by-heart (and heaven knows what I’d planned for the third month – maybe that was to choose which shoes to wear?) but of course, like all the best laid plans they went totally to pot.

That said, I did have two brand-spanking-new poems, and also a sizeable handful that had never been performed before, so I didn’t disgrace myself. Life has a funny way of sneaking up behind you and scuppering the best intentions, and the weeks prior to the event were fraught with all sorts of unexpected things. Despite this, I disciplined myself and spent several hours every day in my study with Spotify providing me with my preferred eclectic soundtrack, and actually got quite a lot of work done.

Anyway, the event itself went brilliantly; in fact, I’m still buzzing. There were six of  us altogether – Mark Atkinson, Lorna Austin, Gwynfor Rees, Michael Smith, Annette Williamson and me – and between us we had  a richly diverse body of work. I always enjoy reading in the Arts Centre’s studio, the hemispherical nature of the place makes it cosy and unintimidating, and the accoustics are good, so things always sound better. If you stand in the centre of the room and speak, the amplification and resonance are both shocking. I thought Mark had switched the mic on, but it was just the room doing its magic. And we had a splendid turn-out, something which was a huge comfort to me – when I realised that people were going to be paying to see me perform I had a brief bout of Imposter Syndrome and had to give myself a stern talking-to.

Needless to say, I’m itching to do it all over again, now. I hear that plans for another night – Return to Planet Poetika, maybe?- may well be in the pipeline. I can’t wait.

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  1. mark atkinson

     /  October 20, 2010

    Nice one, Emma…..good on ya! It was BRILLIANT, wasn’t it?


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